Monday, April 21, 2008

Summer at the Library

I promise I will finish up my series on how we got where we are, but not tonight. Tonight I have reading on the brain.

Every Tuesday of the summer my sister drives to our house for the day. (She's a teacher so she's off.) She comes on Tuesdays because our totally rockin' librarians have story time on Tuesdays. Well, actually, they were our librarians when we lived in our old city about a year and a half ago. But we missed them so we drive the 15-20 minutes or so it takes to get to our old library faithfully every week. You have to love these guys. They add something really special to the children's library program.

That's them on the very right. Disturbing picture, I know.

Last year's summer reading theme for our area was something about sailing away with books. At our new city's library they had a poster of The Little Mermaid and fish cut outs everywhere and sailboats. Very nautical. Very cute.

And at our old library, we had this:

See what testosterone will do for a library?

Anyway, all 4 of our collective girls LOVE storytime in the summer. My sister and I want our 2nd graders/soon-to-be-3rd graders to read a lot this summer. Sweetheart isn't the best book-picker in the world. She tends to just sit down and read while we are at the library. (Which isn't a bad thing.) When I make her get up and pick books she makes really odd choices. Then she isn't interested in reading them when we get home. So....

I found some reading lists online. Lots of them actually. I found one thing to be very interesting. At the bottom of one of the public school reading list it said, "The goal is for each...student to read at least 25 books each year." And then I found Sprittibee's reading list for her kids. She said, "I was amazed once I got this list typed up at just how many books we read (there are 412 books listed here)." Now I'm sorry, but that is SOME contrast between public school and homeschool. Oh, I'm not being fair. The public school wasn't located in Texas, so let's assume the classrooom teacher also had time to read to the class. That would make it more than 25 books.

Now, moving on. I wanted to work off of an award list (like the Caldecott Medal) but I'm not sure the reading level on the books. So, I need some help. Point me to some reading lists, please. I want both books she can read independently and read-aloud books. I want easy and challenging books. I want fun books. I want different genres. I want all the books she should be enjoying as an 8 year old before she's too old to want to read them. Can anyone help?


  1. I still haven't learned how to "link" correctly, but I do have some book lists that may help you. We also have a wonderful book you should try and locate. It's called: Honey For A Child's Heart by Gladys Hunt. Gladys lists books by age and/or reading level.She also writes about the difference between books that waste your child's time and books that are soul-stirring or will stimulate your child's imagination.
    Here are some links you can peak at too:

    I hope that helps!
    (Sorry about my lack of linking knowledge. Maybe I should try and find a book on computers!)


  2. Thank you Jan! I don't know how to link in a comment either. But you know what? In the e-mail I got with your comment, they showed up as links! Cool!

    Thank you very much for the help!

  3. I'm glad Jan could help, because I'm clueless! Just wanted to say that your library looks like a fun place for story time.

  4. I am going to speak to my friend who home school's and has an 8yr old boy. They love their books and so I am sure she will be able to recommend some good one's.

    On a slightly different topic. I was just wondering if you watch movies? The movie "Hortin Hears A Who, by Dr Seuss is so lovely. It has some really nice messages and a bit of a tongue in cheek reference to home schooling.

    Oh and on another topic - When is the next 'Keeping it real'?

  5. Oh Mary, I'm glad you asked! The next KIR extravaganza will be towards the end of May. I'll pin down a more definite date soon. And, I gotta think of an idea!

    Yes, we do take the kids to movies when there is anything appropriate. I believe our last one was the new VeggieTales movie. We haven't been to see Horton yet.


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